Threaded Rods & Studs

Threaded rods and studs are headless fasteners that feature threading along the shaft. Threaded rods are long and can be cut to custom sizes for various applications, including construction and industrial uses. Studs are shorter and often feature two different thread pitches to connect components, often utilized in mechanical applications. At Candor Industrial Supply, we distribute threaded rods and studs in bulk at excellent prices. Order online today!

Threaded Rods, Double End Studs, & Weld Studs at Candor

Threaded rods are commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures to provide additional support strength. They can secure steel beams or other components in place and provide added stability. Threaded rods also secure HVAC systems, such as ductwork and air handling units, in place.

Studs are often used to connect two components with different thread pitches securely. Studs are widely used in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and other industrial applications where components must be mounted to other fixtures. Double-end studs are available in plain or black oxide finish for enhanced corrosion resistance.

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