Fastener Nuts

Nuts are internally threaded fastening products used in conjunction with bolts, threaded rod, and other externally threaded fasteners. Nuts are available in various styles and materials, including finished hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, lock nuts, coupling nuts, and more. Order premium nuts in bulk at excellent prices from Candor Industrial Supply today!

Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, & More at Candor

At Candor Industrial Supply, we distribute a broad selection of nuts in several material and finish options. Our ready-to-ship selection of nuts includes:
  • Acorn/Cap Nuts: Used for decorative purposes or to cover exposed threads. Cap nuts provide a finished appearance and prevent snagging on clothing or skin.
  • Coupling Nuts: Coupling nuts are typically used to join two threaded rods or studs together.
  • Heavy Hex Nuts: Designed for high-strength applications requiring heavy loads. Heavy hex nuts provide a larger bearing surface and increased resistance to loosening than standard hex nuts.
  • Hex Nuts: The most common type of nut. Hex nuts are used in many applications, including fastening bolts, screws, and threaded rods.
  • Lock Nuts: Used to prevent loosening due to vibration or movement by providing a secondary locking mechanism that increases friction or deformation of the threads.
  • Jam Nuts: Jam nuts secure another nut or bolt in place and prevent loosening, typically threaded onto the end of a bolt or stud after another nut has been tightened.
  • Spring Nuts: Spring nuts attach components to a threaded rod or bolt without a separate washer, providing a secure and vibration-resistant connection.
  • Wing Nuts: Typically used in applications requiring frequent adjustments or quick assembly and disassembly, providing a hand-tightened solution without needing tools.

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