Fastener Pins

Pins are specialty fasteners available in various styles, including clevis pins, cotter pins, dowel pins, and more. Depending on the style, pins can feature high fastening strength while remaining easy to install and re-install. At Candor, we distribute high-quality pins at competitive prices. Order online today!

Clevis Pins, Dowel Pins, Spring Pins, & More at Candor

At Candor Industrial Supply, we distribute a broad selection of nuts in several material and finish options. Our ready-to-ship selection of nuts includes:
  • Clevis Pins: Clevis pins feature a cylindrical body with a head on one end and a cross-hole on the other.
  • Cotter Pins: Cotter pins are used with clevis pins and are designed to be bent after installation to prevent loosening.
  • Dowel Pins: Dowel pins are cylindrical pins used to align two objects.
  • Hitch Pins: Hitch pins feature an attached clip or smaller pin that prevents the hitch pin from falling out.
  • Lynch Pins: Similar to hitch pins, lynch pins have a ring or loop that slides over the end of the pin to prevent it from falling out.
  • Snap Pins: Snap pins are used in applications requiring frequent assembly and disassembly.
  • Spring Pins: Spring pins are cylindrical pins with a slot cut along the length that allows the pin to compress and expand slightly, providing a secure fit.
  • Taper Pins: used to secure two objects with a hole, taper pins have a tapered body that fits snugly into a corresponding tapered hole, providing a secure and accurate alignment.

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Contact us to learn more about ordering options for pins from Candor. You can also request a quote for pricing information on special. We also distribute premium industrial supplies, including chemicals, abrasives, electrical products, and more. With fast shipping and VMI services, Candor Industrial Supply is your trusted source for high-quality pins.
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