Steel Retaining Rings

Retaining rings, also known as snap rings or circlips, are small, circular metal fasteners designed to hold components or assemblies in place on a shaft or in a bore. They are typically made of spring steel, and can be either internal or external. At Candor, we distribute high-quality retaining rings at great prices.

Retaining Rings & E-Clips at Candor

External retaining rings are designed to fit into a groove on the outside diameter of a shaft or bore, while internal retaining rings fit into a groove on the inside diameter of a bore. When installed, the retaining ring creates a shoulder that prevents the component from sliding off the shaft or out of the bore.

Retaining rings are commonly used in automotive and industrial equipment, power transmission systems, and consumer products. They provide a cost-effective, easy-to-install method for securing components and assemblies without additional fasteners or tools.

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